Are you tired of your double chin? Have you tried everything from diet and exercise to facial yoga but have failed to eliminate the rigid fat deposits underneath the chin. Today, you are in for a treat as we have the perfect treatment for you: Belkyra.

Belkyra is the only FDA-approved treatment for treating double chin. The treatment is non-invasive and involves a non-surgical medical injectable that treats submental fullness underneath the chin.

How does Belkyra Works?

Belkyra injections contains the injectable molecule deoxycholic acid, a salt found in human bile that helps with fat digestion by destroying the cell membrane of the fat cells.

When injected into the subcutaneous fat under the chin, Belkyra does the same thing for you. The cellular debris produced from Belkyra injections is broken down by the body and cleared by the lymphatic and circulatory systems over the next few weeks.

Once the fat cells underneath the chin are destroyed, your body can no longer store fat in the same area. So, once you have achieved the desired results, they will last a lifetime, and you won’t need to undergo any maintenance treatments.

Who can Inject Belkyra?

Please note that only a Belkyra-trained healthcare expert can administer Belkyra injections. Do not get the treatment done by some random individual. Each treatment session will receive multiple injections under the chin area. The injection process can take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. The number of injections is dependent on the amount of fat under the chin and helps you achieve the desired profile.

Number of Treatments

Most people are concerned about the number of treatment sessions required to achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, there is no set number that I can give you. The number of treatment sessions varies significantly from patient to patient and depends on the amount and distribution of submental fat. You can get one Belkyra treatment per month; most patients need six treatments; it can change based on your profile and goals.

What to Expect from Belkyra Recovery?

Expect to have some bruising, swelling, inflammation, pain, redness, and temporary numbness at the injection site. Less common complications include difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), skin ulceration, temporary nerve injury, and temporary or permanent beard hair loss; the swelling usually lasts a few days.

Most people can get back to regular activity right after the procedure. Your doctor might ask you to wear a compression garment to help with swelling. Apart from that, there aren’t any specific requirements for the recovery phase. It is a reasonably non-invasive treatment with no severe side effects or long-term recovery.

Safety and Costs

Belkyra is generally considered to be a reasonably safe treatment. When not administered correctly, the procedure can result in nerve damage, leading to difficulty swallowing and a lop-sided smile. The damage is temporary in most cases. It is important to note that FDA only approves Belkyra for treatment underneath the chin area, and using it on other areas of the body might result in significant risks. 

The average cost of injection is $1,027. Most people require multiple procedures. Hence the average price can vary from $3,000 to $5,500. Insurance does not cover the cost of the injections as it is a purely cosmetic procedure, and you will have to pay for it out of your pocket. However, different service providers offer multiple financing options you can discuss during your consultation.


Here is a list of frequently asked questions we get regarding Belkyra:

How long will the results of Belkyra last?

Once the fat cells are destroyed under the chin, those cells cannot restore or accumulate fat in the same area again. So, your results will last for a lifetime regardless of the weight changes.

Is Belkyra suitable for me?

Well, Belkyra is a relatively low-risk procedure and is considered to be a safe treatment. The only way to determine whether it is right for you or not is to visit a healthcare professional. They will look at your medical history, overview any skin conditions or diseases you might have and then decide whether Belkyra is suitable for you or not.

What are some of the complications caused by Belkyra?

If administered correctly, Belkyra will not result in any complications. The possible complications include nerve injury, trouble swallowing, and infections at the injection site.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of treatment sessions varies from person to person based on the volume of fat underneath the chin, your aesthetic goals and your profile. Generally, most patients can receive desired results in about six sessions. This is just an average, and people might need more or fewer sessions.

Is there any downtime post Belkyra?

No, there is no significant downtime involved post-Belkyra. You can return to your daily activities as soon as the treatment is done.

What are the common side effects associated with Belkyra?

The common side effects associated with Belkyra include swelling, slight pain at the incision site, redness, numbness and temporary hardening of the treatment site. These side effects are temporary and won’t last for more than a day.


Belkyra is hands down the best treatment available in the market to get rid of stubborn and rigid fat deposits under the chin. Choosing the right service provider trained to administer these injections is crucial. Avoid getting them at a random place to save a few bucks. It can do more harm than good, and you might end up paying a lot of money to fix the side effects caused by improper administration of injections.

If you have any further questions regarding the treatment, feel free to reach out to us, and we would be happy to assist you.