Over the recent decade, injectable cosmetic treatments have gained a lot of popularity among both men and women. They are a safe, effective, and non-invasive way to enhance your appearance. Both dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are done widely by numerous experts around the globe. Choosing the right practitioner is not an easy task. After all, it is your physical appeal that is at risk. You need to choose someone who has the right skills, experience, and artistic vision to create the best results for you. 

But how do you spot an excellent injector? In this article, we will share things that only a good injector will do for you. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Devise an Individualized Treatment Plan for You 

A highly experienced injector understands that one size doesn’t fit all and that a personalized treatment plan is needed. During your initial consultation, the right injector will take its due time to analyze your facial structure, skin types, and aesthetic goals to select a procedure that fits your needs best. This is followed by an in-depth and detailed conversation regarding the results you wish to achieve and the treatment plan that will help you achieve these goals. 

Instead of making hasty suggestions, a credible injector will take its due time to address your cosmetic concerns to ensure you achieve the desired outcome. The discussion might include alternative treatment choices that work amazingly well with the injectables. Sometimes, certain skin concerns don’t need injectable treatments and can be addressed with the right skincare products. The right injector will openly tell you whether you need the treatment or not. 

Advise You on The Risks 

Apart from the credentials and experience, the right injector will inform you about the risks associated with the surgery and share tips to prevent its complications. Your face is a complex structure. It anatomically consists of fat, nerves, veins, bones, arteries, and skin, with subtle differences in facial composition. Your injector needs to be trained and educated on performing the treatment in the safest way possible concerning your unique facial anatomy. 

If you choose an inexperienced or dishonest injector, your will end up with severe risks. Hence, do plenty of research prior to choosing one. A good injector will outline all the potential risks and complications and will guide you on how to prevent these problems post the treatment. 

Inform You Regarding Limitations of These Injectables 

Injectables are a great way to address mild to moderate signs of aging and cosmetic concerns. It includes fine lines, wrinkles, lack of volume, and definition in certain parts of your face. However, they can’t address extreme signs of aging or completely change the way you look. A lot of patients have preconceived ideas of how they will look post-treatment. Your vision might not necessarily be achievable with the help of an injectable. The right injector will listen to your aesthetic goals, envision your ideal profile, and then honestly communicate to you what can and cannot be achieved with the help of injectables. Having unrealistic expectations is never a good idea with any kind of treatment. 

Injectable treatments have a gazillion benefits. However, like any other treatment, they have their limitations too. For instance, you might wish to acquire bigger lips and plump cheeks. However, based on your facial anatomy, dermal fillers might or might not help you achieve this look. In some patients, dermal fillers can make a dramatic difference to their appearance, while in others, they won’t do the same. It is crucial to have realistic expectations prior to getting injectables, and that is only possible if you choose the right injector. 

Inform You When It is the Right Time to Stop 

In some cases, patients become obsessed with the changes they see in their appearance, and there might come a time when they are ready to go overboard. I am sure you have all seen influencers, celebrities, and people in your everyday life who look unnatural and fake. The right injector will always aim at achieving your aesthetic goals while making your face look natural and balanced. He/she will inform you when you are going overboard. 

It is common to relish your new look and lose the signs of your initial goals. Selecting a reliable and ethical injector will prevent you from going too far. Making an extreme change to your face will disrupt the balance and disregard your natural beauty. It is essential to tweak your facial features while maintaining balance, symmetry, and harmony. 

Guide You Thoroughly in Terms of Aftercare 

The aftercare is as important as the injectable treatment itself. If you fail to follow the post-treatment instructions, you might not have satisfactory results. A good injector will walk you through what to expect and when you should start seeing improvements. Instead of sending you on your way with little to no information, a reliable injector will guide you thoroughly and hand you a list of detailed instructions to achieve the best aesthetic outcome. 

At That Face Place, our experts schedule follow-up appointments to ensure you are satisfied with the results and minimize potential risks. This opportunity will measure your satisfaction and ensure that the fillers or Botox have settled in.  Just like the procedure, the aftercare needs to be customized based on your lifestyle. 

At That Face Place, We Combine Ethics with Experience 

With years of experience in the cosmetic industry, our expert injectors help patients achieve the best look possible. Our consultations are always thorough, and our injectors will be upfront and honest with you regarding risks, complications, and realistic results. We never try to make you envision something that isn’t realistically achievable. 

To book a consultation, simply reach out to us today, and we will schedule it based on a time that suits you best. Client satisfaction is our top priority.