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Dermal Fillers - That_Face_Place_Gold Coast
Dermal Fillers - That_Face_Place_Gold Coast

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That Face Place is a collaboration between Registered Nurses Kate Gonzalez and Zoey Madden.

With a combined aesthetic nursing experience of over 18 years, Kate and Zoey have collectively performed tens of thousands of injectable treatments, on a variety of clients from all age groups and demographics. Their volume of experience, combined with extensive ongoing education, ensures that they are both highly qualified to assess, plan and perform a comprehensive range of treatments with a wide range of products.



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Gold Coast's Leading Cosmetic Injectable Clinic
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Customised Treatment Plans

Please note that we offer consultations to provide a customised treatment plan and an individualised quote. There is a $50 consultation fee payable upon booking and this fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment.


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Build rapport with your nurse and set a treatment plan that is right for you.

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That Face Place specialises exclusively in cosmetic injectable treatments. 


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We are passionate about results that are impactful, yet “natural” looking.


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