If you plan to get fat-dissolving injections, here is what you need to know before booking your appointment:


Does that double chin make you feel insecure about yourself? Well, I can feel your PAIN!

I never thought my jawline could look this beautiful until I got PCDC shots. And if you have a double chin, I guess you would want to try it.

Fat-dissolving injections are a game-changer. They work by melting down that stubborn submental fat. This safe and non-surgical method can give you the defined jawline you want. The results are pretty long-lasting as well.

This article will help you understand all you need to know about fat dissolving injections.

What Are Fat-Dissolving Injections?

Fat-dissolving injections contain chemical compounds injected directly into your exercise-resistant fat pockets. The derivates are Phosphatidylcholine and Deoxycholic acid, which breaks down the fat tissues. This mesotherapy containing lipolysis gives you a natural-looking face contour.

PCDC Intralipotherapy is an excellent choice if you are looking for non-surgical options.

What is PCDC Intralipotherapy?

As we all know, localised adiposity or visceral fat makes us insecure about ourselves. I remember battling this insecurity, and trust me, it was not good! 

PCDC is your ultimate non-surgical solution to localised fat if you’re going through the same, and the best part: it’s PERMANENT! (provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle).

PCDC is an organic solution of deoxycholic acid, a compound similar to bile acids produced by our liver. It decomposes the fatty tissue that eventually gets out of our body.

What Does PCDC Treatment Involve?

PCDC Intralipotherapy requires a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 sessions every 4-6 weeks.

The procedure is pretty simple:

1- Numbing The Targeted Area

Before injecting PCDC shots, a topical numbing cream is applied to the targeted area, followed by cold therapy, which helps numb the area to avoid discomfort or pain. However, the patient might feel slight tickling in the skin during the session. This step usually takes 10-15 minutes.

2- Preparing The Area

After the numbing cream has taken effect, it is time to prep the targeted area. The doctor will assess your submental region and mark about 25-30 dots depending upon your fat layers.

3- Time to Inject Medication

The PCDC is mixed with a local anesthetic to keep the procedure comfortable. With the help of a cannula or needle, the PCDC is injected into the dots on your submental area. The overall process will take a maximum of 40 minutes.

The course of action of this lipolytic substance is simple. PCDC acts on the adipose tissue and damages the nucleases of fat cells. Since the nucleus is damaged, the fat cell won’t regrow. 

These dissolved fat cells either get removed by the bloodstream or are naturally eliminated by the body.

– Fat Dissolving Injections Aftercare

Immediately following the treatment, you can expect sudden swelling. However, it will settle down over the week. You might feel uncomfortable and not look as expected, but trust me, The END RESULTS will amaze you.

After the treatment, it is crucial to be kind to your skin. Here are a few steps you need to take as aftercare:

  • Avoid facial exercises for a few days.
  • Don’t get exposed to the sun.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Stay away from saunas and steam rooms.
  • Don’t use any cosmetic product for 24 hours.
  • Gently massage the area 2-3 times a day with an anti-inflammatory cream.
  • Include a portion of fresh pineapples in your diet. Bromelain may also improve healing.
  • Drink plenty of water; staying hydrated is the KEY!
  • Apply ice.

How Long Do Fat-Dissolving Injections Take to Work?

As I mentioned earlier, the overall process may require 2-4 sessions every 4-6 weeks. The result will start appearing after 4-5 weeks of the treatment. You can note the final result within 3-6 months.

The results of fat reduction injections are long-lasting. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps for permanent results. Make sure to stick to a healthy diet low in carbs if possible. 

Nevertheless, it is advisable to have a maintenance session every 4-5 years.

How Much do Fat Dissolving Injections Cost?

Fat-dissolving injections will cost you around $1300 per session. Make sure to choose the right dermatologist. It is a one-time investment that you will make for long term results. If you’re in Gold Coast or somewhere near it, That Face Place is an excellent option to get rid of that double chin.

Are Fat-Dissolving Injections Safe for Anyone?

Any treatment excluding harsh chemicals and surgical procedures is generally safe. According to a study published in March 2006, 20 out of 20 people were more than satisfied with this treatment and did not experience any side effects. 

 However, you should avoid fat dissolving injections if:

  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You’re on blood-thinning medications.
  • You have any vascular or immunological disease.
  • You have lipodystrophy syndrome (inability to produce and maintain fat tissue)
  • You’re suffering from elastosis (loss of skin elasticity)
  • You’re under 18 or over 60 years old.

Benefits of Fat Dissolving Injections

You will be amazed at how fat dissolving injections can naturally improve the symmetry of your face. These are the benefits that fat dissolving injection offers:

  • The process involves little to no downtime.
  • It makes you feel more confident about your appearance.
  • The process does not involve incisions, stitches, or cuts.
  • Scarring is very unlikely to occur.
  • Permanently removes fats from “Fat Traps”.
  • It improves the overall contour of your face. 
  • Lastly, you can flaunt your perfect jawline in front of your ungrateful ex!

What are the Side Effects of Fat Dissolving Injection?

Fat-dissolving injections are safe and usually come with no permanent side effects.

Both the compounds used in the procedure are organic. As mentioned earlier, one is derived from soybean, and our liver naturally produces the other. So, the risk of getting any side effects is rare. 

You are likely to develop swelling, but that’s nothing to worry about; it just means that the process is working.

However, if you have sensitive skin, you may experience some mild symptoms at the injection site that will go away within 3 to 5 days. These symptoms may include:

  • Bruising
  • Mild pain
  • Itching
  • Redness and swelling
  • Sensitivity to warmth and pressure

You can minimise the risk of these mild side effects by choosing the right doctor for the treatment. That Face Place provides you with the best fat dissolving injections on the Gold Coast under the observation of a qualified team of dermatologists. 

Fat Dissolving Injections Before And After


Always remember, you are beautiful the way you are!

However, whether you are a man or a woman, you have every right to change what makes you feel insecure about yourself. The key is to choose the correct method for the change you desire to bring. A double chin can make you look older. Fat-dissolving injections are a great solution that does not involve any harmful side effects. Always consult your doctor for better guidance.