There are times when diets and exercises fail to remove rigid fat deposits in certain areas of our face or body. No one likes that fat under the chin, around the belly button or in the back of the arms. While liposuction is a great option to target rigid fat deposits, we will discuss another alternative: fat dissolving injections.

Fat-dissolving injections come in a variety of different forms. We will discuss the most popular one today and see whether it is safe for us or not. Without further ado, let’s get going:

What is PCDC?

PCDC (Phosphatidylcholine/Deoxycholate) is one of the most popular fat dissolving injections. The injectable compound in PCDC is made of a deoxycholate family of acids. The product is sometimes also called Motolese’s Solution, named after the professor who introduced the drug. The acids in PCDC are responsible for destroying fat cells in the body.

These injections can help eliminate the fat deposits in your back, chin, hips, knees, stomach, and thighs. Sometimes, this is used to treat pseudo-gynecomastia in men, which causes the man’s boobs to grow. When these injections are injected into the body, they reduce the appearance of fat to give you a smoother and more contoured look. While patients see some changes in about one month’s time frame, you will require more than one session to see the desired results.

PCDC contains the following ingredients: buffering chemicals, a modified compound of deoxycholic acid, red microalgae sugars, other sugars, sodium chloride, and water.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for PCDC?

While PCDC is an excellent treatment for getting rid of fats in the body, they aren’t suitable for everyone. It is recommended for people who have good skin elasticity and are between 18 to 60 years old. If you have poor skin elasticity, the injections can cause skin sagging after the treatment.

You shouldn’t get PCDC injections if you are breastfeeding, deal with lipodystrophy, are pregnant, struggling with skin diseases or infections, or have any medical condition that affects fat processing in your body.

What is the Procedure for Getting PCDC Injections?

Getting PCDC injections will differ from person to person based on some factors. Here is what to expect from the treatment:

  • Your doctor will begin the procedure by discussing treatment goals with you.
  • The area where you are getting PCDC injections will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Once the skin surface is clean, the provider will inject local anesthesia to numb the area and minimise discomfort.
  • Your doctor will then inject the PCDC solution into the targeted areas of your body. The number of injections depends on the site that is being treated.
  • The doctor will then use an ultrasound device to ensure the even distribution of PCDC in the targeted area.
  • The entire procedure will take around an hour.
  • Most patients need at least eight treatments to see the desired results.

It is important to note that you might have diminished results if you gain weight post the procedure.

Potential Downsides of PCDC

Like any other cosmetic treatment, PCDC isn’t free from side effects.  Make sure to discuss the possible side effects of these injections with the doctor and the steps you can take to avoid them. Potential risks include bruising, redness, skin irritation, and swelling.

The rare side effects include scarring and an allergic reaction to the substance present in the PCDC injections.

Cost of PCDC Injections

The cost of PCDC differs drastically based on the treatment site, the number of injections required, provider’s fees, geographical location, costs associated with local anesthesia and the number of treatments needed.

As per RealSelf, the average cost per PCDC treatment is $1,000. This is just an estimation, and you might pay $2,725 per treatment at a higher end. Practitioners can charge you based on the number of vials or per treatment session.

Importance of Finding a Qualified Surgeon for PCDC Injections

Choosing a qualified professional to get these injections is critical if you don’t want to deal with risks and complications. Make sure to have a closer look at the experience and expertise of the professional. Have a look at before and after pictures of previous clients. Read plenty of reviews.

Comparing PCDC to Belkyra

Belkyra is an FDA-approved drug injected underneath the chin to melt away the excess fat. The Belkyra injections work as a great alternative to surgical options such as liposuction, fat excision, and neck reconstruction.

Belkyra injections are made of sodium deoxycholate, and this compound destroys fat cells. The body turns this into deoxycholic acid, a bile acid used by the body to break the cell membrane in fats and eventually cause the death of fat cells. This compound is slightly different from PCDC, a derivative of deoxycholic acid.

Unlike PCDC, Belkyra can’t be used to treat fat deposits in the body and is only recommended for use underneath the chin. The Belkyra injections are given every four weeks until the person achieves the desired results. The side effects of the procedure may include numbness, swelling, and bruising.

To get PCDC and Belkyra, you need good skin elasticity and good overall health.

Final Takeaway

PCDC is an excellent treatment to target rigid fat deposits without needing surgery. Overall, the treatment is considered to be pretty safe. However, it is essential to book a consultation with an expert to ensure it is the proper treatment for you. Get all the tests recommended by your surgeon to ensure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in the PCDC injections.

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