Quick Facts about Fat Dissolving Injections aka Belkyra:

  • Belkyra is an excellent, non-surgical treatment to reduce fat underneath the chin
  • Each session will take about 15 to 20 minutes
  • The procedure involves the use of deoxycholic acid injections
  • The injection is approved by FDA and is an excellent alternative to liposuction
  • One Belkyra session will cost you around $1200 and $1800

What are Fat Dissolving Injections for Double Chin?

Belkyra is an excellent non-surgical injectable technique that targets the fat beneath the chin. The procedure involves a series of deoxycholic acid injections that target the fat cells underneath the chin area. There are no incisions involved in the process, and the downtime is minimal. It is ideal for anyone above 18 years of age with moderate to severe fat underneath the chin. It is not appropriate for individuals planning on getting facial surgery, pregnant or lactating, or dealing with a chronic medical condition.

Many people are bothered by the double chin. Still, luckily, you can tackle the problem with Belkyra as it is the only FDA-approved injectable to treat this problem.

Double Chin Injections Before and After:

Here are some of the amazing before and after pictures of our beautiful clients. Check the fantastic results. 

Fat Dissolving Injections
Before and after 2ml filler to the chin.

Benefits of Belkyra Injections

The incredible benefits of Belkyra Injections include but are not limited to:

Belkyra Uses an Acid Naturally Found in the Body

The key ingredient in fat dissolving injections is deoxycholic acid. It is a naturally found compound in our bodies and breaks down dietary fat. This minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and has a very high success rate in individuals with mild to moderate fat underneath the chin.

A Safe and Gentle Non-Surgical Alternative to Eliminate Fat

The treatment is approved by FDA and is completely safe. It destroys the fat cells effectively, without major invasion, and has a quick recovery. 

Fantastic Alternative to Chin Lipo

Previously, the only effective treatment to treat fat underneath the chin was to get chin liposuction. The surgery involved multiple incisions underneath the chin, behind the ears, and anesthesia. The recovery was quite long and indeed carried a lot of risks. Fat-dissolving injections offer a great non-surgical alternative.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

The treatment offers a very high satisfaction rate. Most individuals will start to see results within three to four treatments.

Permanent Results

The best part about Belkyra is that results are permanent. The excretory and lymphatic systems will flush out the destroyed fat cells. Once the fat cells are removed, your body won’t produce fat again in the same area, and you will be able to enjoy your new jawline for life.

Smooth and Youthful Chin-Neck Transition

The treatment works amazingly well for individuals with good skin elasticity. It will give you a smoother chin-to-neck transition, which is the hallmark of a youthful-looking face (which is an added benefit).

Preparing for Fat Dissolving Injections Chin

To ensure that Belkyra is the proper treatment for you, you must book a consultation with your service provider. The service provider will take your medical history along with the details of facial enhancement procedures you may have had in the past. If you experience trouble swallowing or difficulty breathing, make sure to tell your provider in advance. You can’t get the procedure done if you are pregnant or lactating.

When it comes to preparation, there isn’t much involved. A general rule of thumb is to avoid booking the procedure immediately before an event. Ensure to wash your face properly before coming in for the appointment, as it minimizes the risk of infections. We do not advise taking ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or any other blood-thinning medications for a few days before the treatment. 

How does Fat Dissolving Injections Work?

Fat-dissolving injections are made up of Deoxycholic acid. It is essentially a bile acid naturally produced by the body to help absorb fat. These are also known as PCDC (phosphatidylcholine/Deoxycholate) injections. Once the substance is injected beneath the chin area, it destroys the fat and melts your double chin. Please make sure to opt for a trained healthcare professional to get the treatment since the injections can kill other cells in the process.

Before the procedure, the healthcare provider will mark the injection site. Then, a numbing agent will be applied to the treatment site to ease the pain and discomfort. Typically, 20 to 50 injections are used under the skin. The acid will work slowly to kill fat cells that the body will metabolize within the next few weeks.

The number of treatment sessions will vary from person to person. For most patients, multiple treatments are required to achieve optimal results with a month break in between.

Risks and Side Effects of Fat Dissolving Injections

Although it is a very low-risk procedure, specific side effects are bound to occur. It includes pain, redness, bruising, swelling, and numbness. The recovery process is generally very smooth, and the downtime will differ from person to person. Most of these side effects usually subside within a few weeks.  

In rare cases, severe complications may include muscle weakness, an uneven smile, difficulty swallowing, and nerve injury. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, immediately get in touch with your service provider. All post-treatment instructions must be discussed with your provider.

Fat Dissolving Injections Aftercare

Although it is a non-invasive treatment, it does require a certain level of aftercare. Here is a general guideline:

1-3 Days

Aim at drinking plenty of fluids during the first few days post-surgery. Gently massage the treatment site as recommended by your service provider. Do not exert too much pressure. Please stay clear of blood-thinning medications as they can increase the risk of bruising. Applying a cold compress to the treatment site will help you feel more comfortable, but most patients do not need it. Avoid using any cosmetics on the treatment site.

3-7 Days

If you wish to speed up the recovery and decrease lumpiness, opting for a lymphatic drainage massage helps. If you notice any signs of infections such as redness, swelling, and fever, immediately contact your healthcare provider. 

Some patients also report numbness at the site. Don’t worry, as this side effect will resolve on its own within a few weeks.

7-14 days

Continue with the massage if you wish to. You can start your regular skincare routine. You will notice a significant improvement in swelling and bruising. If your lumps continue to persist, you can discuss the problem with your service provider, and they will offer injectable correction treatment completely free of charge. Post 14 days, you will see the results. After a month, most service providers will call you in for a follow-up appointment.

What to Expect post-Belkyra?

Your service provider will design a treatment plan according to your specific needs. Most people will need more than one treatment session to achieve the desired look. You will start showing visible results in about 2 to 4 treatments. About 59 percent of people see satisfactory results after six treatments.

The results are permanent once the fat cells are destroyed in the submental area, with no further treatment needed.

Cost of Fat Dissolving Injections

Each fat dissolving treatment session will cost anywhere from $1,200 to $1,800. Please note that this is just the average. The total cost can vary based on the number of treatments required, geographic location, experience, and expertise of the service provider. The treatment is not covered by Medicare or insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions we get regarding fat dissolving injections:

  • How much are fat dissolving injections?

Typically, each fat dissolving treatment session will cost anywhere from $1,200 to $1,800. The cost can vary based on the surgeon’s location, experience, expertise, and the number of treatments required.

  • How long do fat dissolving injections take to work?

Most patients start to see the results in about three treatment sessions. It will take about two to three weeks before you see complete results around the chin and jawline, giving your face a slimmer and less wobbly appearance.

  • What is Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve or mesotherapy involves a series of injections of medications that are purported to melt away localized fat deposits. The drugs most regularly used are phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate.

  • How to find the right provider with fat dissolving injections near me?

A few tips can help you inch closer to your ideal service provider:

  • Do your research and visit the websites of service providers in your area.
  • Pay close attention to the experience and expertise of the provider.
  • Read plenty of reviews and see what other people say about their experience.
  • Always look at the before and after photographs as they speak volumes about the service provider.

Final Takeaway

Without a doubt, fat dissolving injections are the best way to eliminate double chin and achieve a smoother chin-to-neck contour. The treatment itself is non-invasive, and the results last a lifetime. What more could you ask for? If you have any further questions regarding the treatment, please reach out to us.

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