All You Need to Know About Collagen Stimulators

collagen stimulators

Most individuals notice the appearance of lines and wrinkles as they age. Although many other changes aren’t as visible or noticeable by an untrained eye, they will contribute to the aging process over time, making us look older.

An excellent example to learn about the aging process is to think of yourself as a balloon (not a very fun imagination, I know). Over time, the balloon starts to deflate. So does our face: The plump and youthful contours lessen and drop, leading to hollowness in the temples, cheeks, and around the mouth. This volume loss in the face is normal and expected as soon as we hit 30 years.

Smoothing out the fine lines and wrinkles and replenishing the lost volume won’t fix all your problems! Most people opt for fillers to resolve volume depletion. However, collagen stimulators are a more holistic, natural, longer-lasting, and cost-effective option. 

What are Poly-l-lactic Injections?

Collagen stimulating filler, aka bio-stimulators, contains an injectable substance named Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA). These collagen-stimulating fillers produce a subtle and natural rejuvenating effect by adding the much-needed volume to the skin. Once the substance is injected, the microparticles inside the fillers are absorbed by the body and stimulate your skin to produce more collagen. These injectables have been used since 2004 when it was used to treat lipoatrophy associated with HIV patients. 

Why Opt for This Treatment?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in our bodies. It is a vital structure that supports the contours and shape of the skin on your face. Multiple factors lead to the ageing process and loss of collagen over time. Usually, we begin losing collagen around age 25 and can see a noticeable difference in how we look. Volume loss, contour changes, sagging skin, facial wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity are some of the drawbacks of volume loss. Collagen stimulators fix all of these problems, making you look youthful, rested, and refreshed. 

The Procedure

Injecting collagen stimulators into your skin will begin by injecting a local anesthetic to numb your face. Once the drug has full effect, the substance will be injected around the face. The process won’t hurt, and you may experience a certain pressure level. 

Once injected, the results will become visible in about 12 weeks. The tightening effect of the skin continues for about six to twelve months. Initially, the results will be extremely subtle and start working overtime. The treatment is ideal for achieving natural and subtle looking results. The procedure is suitable for patients over 35 years of age. 

The Difference of Collagen Stimulators

Collagen boosting treatments don’t immediately restore the volume to your skin. You will see some swelling in the treated areas post the injections. Don’t mistake it for rejuvenation, as it will subside down slowly. 

The collagen treatments gradually restore the underlying structure of the skin. This process can take anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks. Most patients can see a clear difference in about three months. This gradual restructuring of the skin is natural and subtle, leading to optimum, attractive rejuvenation.

This treatment feature makes it ideal for treating larger areas of the skin that call for rejuvenation. They work amazingly well on multiple areas of the body, for instance, the back of the hands. It is important to note that collagen stimulators alone aren’t as effective for extreme volume loss or fat pads. Sometimes, they can be performed with volumising dermal fillers for a facial refresh.

Side Effects of Collagen Fillers 

It is essential to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure or not. A simple skin test done by a healthcare professional to monitor any side effects can do the job. It is crucial to do skin tests if you use bovine collagen to avoid aggravating any allergies. 

There is always a risk of specific side effects such as skin redness, skin discomfort, swelling, bleeding, bruising, infection at the injection site, skin rash with itching, possible scarring, lumps, deep scarring on the face and blindness. 

Additionally, you might not be satisfied with the results from your plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Choose a certified provider and stick to all the pre and post-surgical instructions to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Results of Collagen Stimulators 

Unlike dermal fillers, you won’t be able to see the results immediately after the treatment. The results are very subtle. At 12 weeks, you will notice the changes in your skin as it regains volume and plumpness while looking more youthful. Over time, you will see a massive improvement in texture, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and skin tightness. The results take a little longer to show than fillers but are way more effective. The results of collagen injections last for 2 to 3 years, with an occasional touch up needed. 

FAQs about Collagen Stimulators 

Here is a list of frequently asked questions we get regarding collagen stimulators:

  • Are collagen stimulators safe?

When injected by an experienced and certified professional, collagen stimulators are one of the safest treatments available. However, it is essential to get the allergy testing done and stick to all the pre and post-treatment care instructions given to you by the service provider. 

  • How soon will I see the results of collagen stimulators?

Most patients start to see the results in about six weeks. It will take you up to 12 weeks to see the full effect. 

  • How long will the results of collagen stimulators last?

The longevity of the collagen stimulators varies from person to person. On average, the results can last for 2 to 3 years.

  • How much do collagen stimulators cost?

Expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $400 per injection. This is just an average estimation, and the cost can vary based on the experience and expertise of your provider, geographical location and areas that need to be treated. 

  • Are collagen stimulators suitable for me?

Collagen stimulators are generally considered to be safe and effective for most individuals. However, to determine the suitability, book a consultation with an expert.

Final Takeaway

Collagen stimulators are an excellent and effective way to preserve your youthful looks for longer. If you want to know more about collagen stimulators or book a consultation, simply reach out to us. 

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